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Dedicated to airlines
willing to provide their
with a Webapp personal assistant
during their
airport experience



A white labeled solution 

tech’R is completely marketed with your brand colors so that the solution aligns with your identity

A real time communication with your passengers 

tech’r provides automated and instant communication at every key steps of the airport experience. 

In case of a disruption, passengers benefit from live and reliable information of new schedules or disruption progress

Help the ontime departure​

tech’R allows airlines to trace boarding latecomers to facilitate the ontime departure.

Passengers are informed in real time, timing is much better managed implying deadlines are met.


Reinforced bonds between the airline and the passengers

The passengers feel reassured and escorted.Let the virtual assistant answers passengers requests as regards geolocation, frequent asked questions, shops and services offered

Easy to implement

The tech'R solution adapts to your company and integrates fully with your existing processes in case of irregularities 

Improve your crossell/upsell

tech’R highlights ancillaries proposed by your airline to boost your sales 

Reinforced bonds with the passengers
Data for a better knowledge of the passengers
Fewer calls to your reservation center

A turnkey solution

Valued brand image

Less bad reviews on social media


  • Airport shops and services promoted

tech’R solution geolocates all the point of interests of the airport to allow passengers to easily find them and access.

Chatbot promotes sales and special commercial offers.

  • Noise pollution reduction

tech’R contributes to reduce noice nuisances communicating all information on the passengers personal device.

Passengers receive silent notifications on their smartphone as regards their airport journey but also their geolocation in real time.

  • Digitalisation of the passengers path

tech’R joins the airport to provide sustainable solutions to support operational staff and optimize passengers flows. Air travel demand has grown significantly in recent years and is expected to continue to grow in the medium term. Smart technology is the solution to this transformation.

  • A better passengers flow management at security and customs 

tech’R informs passenger of the waiting time at security to anticipate every steps of the way. 


Passengers flows are eased, the passengers feel reassured

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  • Automatic, real time notifications are sent to the passengers at every key stages of the course (check-in, controls, boarding ...)

To facilitate passengers orientation at the airport, tech’R sends automatic push messages to help the passengers to get through every steps of the way in total peace. 

  • A chatbot to escort and assist the passengers 

To facilitate access to information, chatbot answers any passengers questions related to their travel, location, services and ancillaries

  • Live and reliable information provided

When a disruption occurs, live and reliable information as regards the evolution of the disruption is provided in real time to passengers. 

  • Personalised information 

5 hours prior to departure, passengers receive a SMS with securised and personalised link to acces the tool 

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Capture d’écran 2021-11-22 à 14.43.02.png
Capture d’écran 2021-11-22 à 14.43.02.png
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