Tech'R presents a turnkey solution for informing, assisting, and caring for your passengers in real time, whatever the operational constraints.

tech'R is the first airport WebApp specifically developed to meet airport's challenges.


  • Be in constant contact with all your passengers during their airport experience by providing them with relevant and consistent information;     

  • Inform in real time thanks to the FAQs in all the airports served;     

  • Trace boarding latecomers and reduce your operating costs;  

  • Inform in real time when an irregularity occurs : instant communication of new schedules, information on assistance, thus reducing calls to reservations and negative feedback on social networks.

Take care of your customers through this real-time link with your center of operations.

With 'Bee bot' we wanted to set up support for our customers while they are at the airport to provide them with heightened serenity and to allow them to feel better supported by our teams.

Sophie Hocquez, commercial director of French Bee

Leading the airport passenger experience
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